Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am now a citizen of Cyprus and Australia

It would have been wonderful if I had of received this earlier and been able to get the passport as well but alas it is not so.  So I will apply for my Cypriot passport now and when we get back from Italy we will decide whether Iain and the boys should apply for it too.  If we love Italy we work hard to save and go back with a living and working in Italy visa if we need one with the Cypriot passport.  We will also try to find work and practise our Italian more.
Well there is only 2 weeks and 3 days to go until we leave for Italy, I haven't even worked out what clothes I am going to take (of course I will probably overpack).  I have lots of dresses and skirts to pack but not many shirts and shorts.  I have a pair of thongs (flip flops or jandels), a pair of sandels and some black flats.  I figure if I need anything else I will buy it there.
Iain has just said that I am writing an novel and we haven't left yet.  Well he hasn't seen any of this blog yet and just how much I have written.

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