Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on our 3 travellers…

I just got a call on skype from Helen & Rod.  They boarded the ship last night and are now off on a walking tour of Bernkastel, Germany.

Here is a link to a page on the town http://www.bernkastel.de/english/.


Helen and Pauline went to Moulin Rouge for the dinner show last night while Rod went out for dinner on his own in Paris (he wasn’t interested in Moulin Rouge).  Helen told me that it was fun and the costumes were fantastic. The meal was good, just a normal steak and potatoes type meal but nice.  She thought it was definitely worth it. 

If they contact me again tomorrow I will be able to update you further.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rue Mouffetard is better in Spring after the Summer holidays…

Our 3 travellers have just reported back on the markets…

They said it was quite small and not too many markets the day they went.  They spoke to a lovely local woman who told them that it is like this in the Summer because many locals leave the city for holidays.  She then told them to walk to the gardens (Jardin des Plantes). 

Jardin des Plantes has amazing gardens and a great walkway like the one in Central Park (well that is what it looked like to me ). There is a museum and a fantastic zoo with so many animals from around the world including our very own Kangaroos and Crocodiles.

It is definitely a great place to visit if you are travelling with children.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 3–Rue Moufettard Markets

I am really excited to find out what the 3 travellers thought of this market… wish I had known about them when I was there last year.

It is supposed to be great and have lots of fruit and veg stalls surrounded by normal shops and cafes.  Some reviews by visitors are very good and some by locals are not (it would not be such a novelty to the locals as it is for us).  I guess here in Brisbane, Australia many of us can’t just go for a short walk with our “granny trolleys” and pick up all of our fruit and veg for the day.  Most of our so called fresh fruit & veg come from the local supermarket and well it just doesn’t compare to real fresh fruit & veg.

When we were in Italy last year we purchased a “granny trolley” and walked to the supermarket every 2nd day to get fruit & veg and anything else we felt we needed.  Here at home we need to take the car and well these days we don’t want to waste petrol so we try to buy a weeks worth of food… yet still we end up needing things.  Not only is the food fresher when you pick it up every couple of days but you also get some much needed exercise walking to markets. (maybe I could buy myself a granny trolley here and start walking down to the store??? nah everything would go off by the time I dragged it all back Smile).

I will be adding photo’s as soon as they are sent to me…

Pauline, Mum and Dad, day 2… Versailles…

On day 2 of the great parisienne adventure, the 3 travellers set off to Versailles Palace via metro and RER (regional train).  They left Pigalle in the morning to Invalides where you change from the metro to the RER, then it takes about an hour to get to the Palace (from what I can remember Smile).

It looks as though our travellers arrived quite early as the gates were closed in this photo.


That is my dad (Rod) the tallest one with the white hat…LOL.  Mum said they spent all day in Versailles and were exhausted by the time they arrived back to their hotel. 

Versailles Palace is wonderful and huge-a-mungous, it took us about 3 hours to walk through and see all the rooms and wonderful works of art (we did have 2 children with us too).  The gardens take more than 1 day to explore.  There are several areas with different houses and fountains to see.

Here are a couple of other photos:


Sacre Coeur from day 1 and Moulin Rouge.


Eric Kayser patisserie: Yummo, look at that Mille-feuille with the strawberries.  Yumm again!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Landed safely in Paris…

Today at about 1720 our time Pauline, Mum and Dad (Helen & Rod) landed safely in Paris.

If they follow my itinerary for them they will check in to the hotel on Blvd de Clichy very near the Moulin Rouge.  They will be walking down the street to go up the hill towards Rue des Abbesses to have morning tea at Coquelicot Cafe (a cafe I fell in love with). Then a walk further up the hill through Montmartre to Sacre Coeur.  There will be time for them to wonder in awe at the church and the views of the gorgeous city.

P9110027       P9110034

They will need a little rest after this, so it is off down the funicular and back to the hotel for a little time out.

The Eiffel Tower is just a 2 train ride from the hotel and the afternoon is a great time to go to the top.  Pauline has been up the Eiffel Tower and may just walk around the square and find a nice place to enjoy a cuppa while Helen and Rod go up.

P9110085           P9110194

After the Eiffel Tower it is time to head back to the hotel, get changed and find somewhere nearby for dinner.  And a stroll down Boulevard de Clichy to see the windmill on the Moulin Rouge lit up.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

The great Paris and river cruise adventure begins…

This morning I woke up at 4.30am to go and pick up Pauline, Mum and Dad to take them to the Brisbane International Airport for a 6.10am check in to depart at 9.10am…(yawn).

At the moment they should be sitting comfortably in their economy seats aboard a Singapore airlines flight on its way to Singapore.  They are meeting up with a friend in Singapore for 2 nights for a private tour. After 2 nights in Singapore they will depart for Paris and arrive there 15th August.

I have set up a 4 day sight seeing itinerary for them while they are in Paris for 4 days before setting on the river cruise to Prague (Praha).

So watch this space for updates on their adventure…