Friday, June 24, 2011

Decision made… now just have to get permission :-)

I have decided that it would be a great idea to follow my parents on their trip to Paris, along some rivers and into Prague.

I think that it should be ok.  As I am unable to travel with them and Pauline (friend from church) I would love to blog it for them. 

I have been sharing some of the great things I found out in Paris, like cheaper travel, great food, and must see places while I was there with my family last year.  Also, the accommodation they are staying in pre-tour was found by yours truly.  Everything else was organised by our friend at church who happens to be a travel agent.

Dad and Pauline will be shooting off their cameras like mad so I should be able to get plenty of pics to share with you here and do a running commentary on them also.  Maybe even post some interesting facts on places they have visited.  Also I want to test out the advice I have given them about public transport and museum tickets etc…  Would also love to see if they visit my favourite Paris cafe.

Maybe I can convince them to bring some of the souvenirs I couldn’t fit in my bags… maybe.