Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pauline, Mum and Dad, day 2… Versailles…

On day 2 of the great parisienne adventure, the 3 travellers set off to Versailles Palace via metro and RER (regional train).  They left Pigalle in the morning to Invalides where you change from the metro to the RER, then it takes about an hour to get to the Palace (from what I can remember Smile).

It looks as though our travellers arrived quite early as the gates were closed in this photo.


That is my dad (Rod) the tallest one with the white hat…LOL.  Mum said they spent all day in Versailles and were exhausted by the time they arrived back to their hotel. 

Versailles Palace is wonderful and huge-a-mungous, it took us about 3 hours to walk through and see all the rooms and wonderful works of art (we did have 2 children with us too).  The gardens take more than 1 day to explore.  There are several areas with different houses and fountains to see.

Here are a couple of other photos:


Sacre Coeur from day 1 and Moulin Rouge.


Eric Kayser patisserie: Yummo, look at that Mille-feuille with the strawberries.  Yumm again!!!

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