Monday, July 11, 2011

I have permission to write about my parents trip to Paris and beyond...

Mum, Dad and Pauline have all said that they don’t mind me writing about their travels.  Pauline has expressed her interested in adding some of her travel journal as well. I am looking forward to that.

I am also going to do up an itinerary for the 4 days they have before the tour starts.  They may or may not follow it but if they do they will let us all know if I am good at setting itineraries or not…. eek!

They land in Paris at Charles de Gaulle at 730 and I have told them they are not to go to sleep until it is dark.  They are lucky to have a shuttle bus take them straight to their accommodation Timhotel Saint Georges in Pigalle on the border of the 9th and 18th arrondissements (districts of Paris).

Pigalle is the old red light district just metres from the Moulin Rouge.  There is a metro stop there and if you head up the hill behind the hotel you are in Montmartre the art district.

I believe Mum and Pauline will be attending a Moulin Rouge show.  Dad is a bit hard of hearing and is not sure if he will cope with the “noise”.

The tour they are doing starts in Paris with a “drive by” tour on the bus… a drive by the Arc de Triomphe Paris, a drive by the Eiffel Tour and a drive by this and that with little time to take photographs or explore the area.   And definitely no time to go to the top of the Tower.  So I will be incorporating some of these into the itinerary.

Now to go and do some research for the big trip…. wish I was going too.



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