Saturday, July 2, 2011

Airline and other transport website deals…

When I first started to organise our 3 month trip to Italy, I found it quite hard to find all the travel discounts until I worked out that if I signed up for different websites they would email me any deals that may be available at the time we were there.

Here is a list of airlines to get you started:

budget airlines

here is a website that tells you where all of the European budget airlines fly. from Australia/Asia to London and Paris

you will find that easyjet and ryanair will go to most places from London. this airline is the one we used from London to Florence as it was the only low cost airline I could find that flew directly to Florence.

Most budget airlines will take you to airports outside of the city which can sometimes take up to 2 hours in a bus to your accommodation depending on the time of day.  So take this into account, especially when you book a flight that lands at 9 or 10pm as you won’t get to your hotel until midnight.

If you are wanting to go to Italy for instance from London, it is better to choose either Rome or Milan as your first stop as this is where you will most likely be able to use budget airlines.  When using easyjet or ryanair you need to keep in mind that they normally leave from Luton, Gatwick or Stansted airports.  This is where you can take advantage of the buses from Victoria Station to get to the airport cheaply.  Easyjet has it’s own buses from certain train stations to the airports

My advise if you are travelling with children is to organise a private transfer to your accommodation (it may cost more than using the bus/train but it will keep you sane especially when you have just been on a really long flight).

For example it could cost

* £81 for a private chauffeur driven car for 4 people with 3 large suitcases and 3 carry ons from Stansted to your accommodation in London (door to door)

* £84 for 4 people on the Stansted Express to Victoria Station (you have to find your own way to your accommodation with your baggage)

For those of you with older children or none at all I suggest you use the buses if you want to save £’s.

* £10 each on the National Express Victoria Bus  100min journey (book accommodation near Victoria station)

* £9 each on Terravision Victoria Bus 75 min journey.

*  £2+ each easyBus takes you to Baker Street Station (book accommodation near Baker Street)

The reason for booking accommodation near to the bus stations mentioned is that it is much easier to be able to  just walk to your hotel /hostel / apartment from the bus station and probably faster than waiting for a taxi.  (note: travel with 1 large suitcase and 1 small carry on that you can attach to your wheeled baggage).

My next post will be on the accommodation near Victoria and Baker Street Stations.

We stayed in a 2 1/2 star b & b near Victoria station, if you have stayed in a budget hotel in London I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment mentioning the hotel, the area and your budget.






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