Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It was hard leaving Rome, we really enjoyed the city.

Last day in Rome
We didn’t have to get the train back to Florence until 12:36 so we took our time packing up and tidied the apartment. We headed out to buy some bus tickets to the train station that cost only 1euro each a saving of 21euros in a taxi. But my idea with the taxis is that when you arrive in a new city and your accommodation is within the city spend a little extra cash and have the taxi drop you off at your door, then while you are there you can work out the transport situation.
At 11:00 we left the apartment and caught the bus just around the corner, the ticket validating machine on the bus did not work so when we arrived at the Termini station I handed the tickets to another tourist and said “enjoy”. They were very grateful for the generous offer.
We were at Termini early so we had lunch at McDonalds and watched to old ticker machine to see what platform (binari) our train was going to leave from. The platform was not announced until about 5 minutes before departure and it was the closest platform to us. It did not take very long to find our carriage (carrozza) and seats (sedi) and we were off.
If you ever has the chance schedule Orvieto as a city you must see in Italy, it is a hilltop town that is the most amazing I have seen from the trains so far. It is between Florence and Rome.
We arrived back in Florence at about 16:00 and walked 30 minutes from the train station to our home in Florence.

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