Friday, July 16, 2010

July 11 2010 Gold Coast - Kuala Lumpur

We left the house at 430 and drove to Coolangatta Airport to arrive there at 530. We checked in and went through the scanners, Iain got drug tested. Glad it wasn’t me this time.
We ate Hungry Jacks for breakfast at the airport and waited until about 730 to go through Customs to the departure lounge. This is where they make you put all liquid items in a ziplock bag (inc. lip gloss, hand sanitiser etc…). And this is where I got patted down for drugs etc.. (every time I am in an airport this happens). By the way as I type this we are going through some turbulence on the way from KL to London (not liking it one bit, but God is with us).
Anyway back to it, we boarded the plane half hour late at 900 and took off at 930. The kids got there meals (prepaid) at about 950 to keep them occupied, it came with a mini chicken burger, popper and some sweet snacks and games. We got our meals (prepaid) about an hour into the flight at 1030 it was chicken, potatoes and green beans, quite tasty, but very small.
The boys played with their Nintendo Ds until they went flat then Levi sat by me and wrote his travel diary and did some times tables for homework (we are keeping up with the maths and English work for school). Phoenix slept for a few hours next to Iain, this was pleasant, when he woke he became a little annoying and wanted to pester Levi all of the time.
We landed in KL at 1530 as scheduled, zoomed through customs and found our ride outside of the baggage area holding a sign with Iain Hardy written on it. We drove away from the LCCT airport along the roads that were not busy and the scooters and motorbikes ride on the shoulder of the road (this was quite funny to see) and no one, not anybody uses the indicators they all just sort of move over the road wherever and whenever they like.
We saw a huge mosque on the way to our accommodations in Sepang not sure if it was Islam or Muslim. We arrived at our accommodation at 1630 and met Walter and Janet the owners of Jawadene Bed and Breakfast. As we drove into this gated community full (and I mean full) of brand new mansions I thought maybe we should move to Malaysia and have accommodation for people too (we could even afford a maid in Malaysia). After that short detour in the story, Walter gave us a tour of the house, pool, and our room (this was twice the size of our lounge room) there was a queen size bed and a double futon on the floor for the boys and a large wardrobe, some chairs and a great big ensuite with bath/shower.
We went out for dinner (a 15 min walk from the house) to a Malay/Indian restaurant that served us with Tandoori chicken and garlic naan bread (roti). This restaurant is one of those places that I know most of my friends and family would not look at twice because it stank of sewerage outside and there were lots of cats in the restaurant. But surprisingly after some very strong prayers we ate the food and it tasted fantastic especially the roti and no one got sick (hear that everyone I did not get sick, thank God).
If you don’t know me very well, I can eat just one thing that might have something new on it or mix my foods and get sick, it is all in my head and I know it (this is what annoys me the most). But I tell you what my faith in God is growing even stronger as we travel and have a safe and smooth trip.
After walking back to the house (I forgot to tell you it was 32 degrees) I was sweaty as and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. So I did and Iain took the boys for a swim in the pool. I think it was about 20:00 (2200 Bris).

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