Friday, July 16, 2010

12 July 2010 Kuala Lumpur -London

500 start to pack everything and be ready for breakfast at 600. We had the choice of a big american breakfast or continental breakfast, well who would pick toast and cereal over sausage, eggs, hash browns, toast and tomatoes???
We took our taxi to the airport and dragged our luggage through to the scanners. We went through the wrong scanners and into the wrong area for check in… LOL. Not a huge mistake because we just walked out and asked the security where we were supposed to go (nice guys ). However what I did notice was that when you travel in Asia they let you put your own luggage on the scanner belt and they don’t worry about your carry on bags. Where as anywhere else they scan everything. We found where our check in desk was did all the usual and went through more scanners (this time my liquids were in a ziplock) and they let us drink our bottled water before throwing it out.
We had free wifi in KL airport so I took advantage and popped onto face book to update my status and let ppl know that we were safe.
We had arrived at the airport to checkin at 700 and were boarded at 900, we took off at 930 and have been in the air for 3 hours now. We have 11 more to go to reach London. So all up 14 hours in the air with not much to do but sleep and watch tv (if you pay for it). And the batteries only last 8 hours. Hopefully we do get some sleep and don’t have very bad jetlag.
Currently Iain is sitting next to the window by me reading Twilight, I am on the computer and the kids are chatting away and playing on the DS.
There is much else to say now about the flight except for the turbulence we have every now and then.
Most of the airport ladies in Malaysia airport are muslim and wear head scarves they look so pretty and they are so nice and helpful. In fact I think I would have felt more comfortable in the restaurant the night before if I were wearing a head scarf too, they look at me like I look at them in Australia (something different, not wrong but you just want to look if you know what I mean) We have not seen any with full burqa.
Iain thinks I am writing a novel here, when really I am only recounting our experiences in the last 48 hours.
So anyway it is now 3 hours after I last wrote something down and my battery is going flat. We are flying over Saudi Arabia and wow what a sight. Complete desert. We left a very green place and flew over a desolate country. I must look up the flight path to find out exactly where we flew over that is desert. We went over Yemen too. Still have about 8 hours left on the plane.

And what a long 8 hours they were, I could not get any sleep at all over the entire 14 hour flight, it was awful when we arrived in Stansted (London) and all I wanted to do was close my eyes. We got through customs easily and retrieved our luggage and moved on outside to find the trains and buses, we decided to take the 3 hours bus to Gatwick Airport (wrong decision) Should have booked that town car for £102 and been driven to the hotel in an hour and a half L oh well we live and we learn so this will be something to take into account on my other blog (the money one).
Well the bus (coach) ride was long but comfortable enough, I just could not keep my eyes open.
We made it to the South Terminal of Gatwick airport with 20 mins to spare before the shuttle came to take us to our hotel £9 family ticket (not bad).
When we arrived at Copthorne Effingham Gatwick Hotel (don’t you just love the name) we checked in and went to our room. Our room was huge with a Queen size bed and 2 single beds, a sitting area, bathroom (with bath/shower, toilet, bidet and 2 sinks) Wardrobe, steam thingo for your clothes and a balcony. Well it was all good until the toilet didn’t flush. So we were moved to another room and we thought the room we had first was good, well the new room was fantastic it had 2 bathrooms, a living area with sofa bed for the boys and a separate bedroom for Iain and I that we could fit our bedroom at home into 3 times and our ensuite could fit into the bathroom 3 times as well. The bed was huge (see pics). Anyway I fell asleep finally at 930 pm London time. (430am Bris).

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