Friday, May 14, 2010

8 weeks and counting...

We are getting closer and closer to our departure date.
The kids are getting so excited ( about missing school for 3 months, but they will be doing literacy and maths while away).
Iain is feeling a little anxious about leaving his job and going away for 3 months and not having a job when we return. But he is also very excited about not working for a while and having a rest. I am confident that he will find a better job when we return or be able to slip back into his current position.
I on the other hand am a little worried about my business Curiouser & Curiouser while I am away. I have an advertisement coming out in the next Peppermint magazine (with thanks to that should generate business for me. I will be taking orders and posting them out until the end of June. Then any orders made from then will not me posted until the end of October 2010. I will be making an Announcement on all of my websites about this.
However, I am excited about sourcing lots of fabrics, lace, buttons and other interesting bibs and bobs for the business (and for my crafty friends). So it is technically a "working holiday" too. ;-)


bubbachenille said...

You seem to be on top of everything Marleena, I wish I could see into the future, I hope I'll be hopping on your bandwagon so we can shop for vintage fabrics together !

bubbachenille said...

P.S Just a thought, Why dont you translate your blog to Italian and teach yourself Italian LOL !