Saturday, May 21, 2011

European winter fashion … will you try it in Australia?

I was curious to see what were the new fashion trends in Europe this year particularly for winter as our winter is fast approaching in Australia.

As you may have heard already the skinny jean is being replaced by a higher waisted bell bottom.  I know what you are thinking…eww gross, but wait til you see some pictures I have found.  The “new” bell bottom does not have a HUGE hem but more of a wide leg pant and it looks quite good.  I will definitely be trying some to see if they fit my body shape.  I won’t be throwing away the skinny jeans (they look too hot Smile).

Ok so I have a crazy magnetism to hounds tooth and love it but have never purchased anything made with it…maybe this year?


Get your leather jackets out everyone, although leather jackets are always in fashion you are going to see more people wearing them and in more than just basic black.


Now I am not sure about the above, looks cute on her but to me a cape is like taking your blanket off the bed and wrapping it around you then leaving the house.  I for one am definitely not a cape person…give me a jacket or trench any day.



I love the above jacket from Forcast at   In fact since I have just found this online shopping store I think I will be making a few purchases this week for my winter wardrobe.  There is free shipping for anything over $50.

For my next “euro” addiction post I will try to find some great European summer fashion that will be available here in Australia and of course I will be sharing more on my adventures in Europe and my plans to revisit.



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