Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Mum, Dad and Pauline are going to Paris...

Sooooo jealous!!!

Anyway because my Mum and Dad are heading to Paris with their friend Pauline where their river cruise starts, I am going to blog on what I know about Paris.

This will be a little series of posts.

First of all, I LOVE Paris!!!

Air Asia from Australia flies to Paris with an overnight stop in Kuala Lumpur from $500 each way (this is for the budget conscious).

Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, QANTAS etc... all fly to Paris.

Accomodation in Paris is different to accomodation in Australia. The ratings are different.

If you are looking for 5 star you will pay $350 + per night.

If you just want a bed and bathroom you can book 2.5-3star hotels/b&bs/apartments.

When we went to Paris we used to find a self-catering apartment in the Moulin Rouge district, it cost 440euro for 7 nights in the 2nd week of September 2010. The apartment was on the 3rd floor (stairs) it had 2 rooms and a bathroom. We walked in the door to the front room, it had a double mattress on the floor and a chest of draws (I know what you are thinking, but it was clean and we were comfortable). The 2nd room was a kitchenette, TV, double sofa bed and dining table. In between the 2 rooms was a bathroom (really old with a bath and shower hose with the hot water system over the bath). The views from the apartment were great.

Ok Ok you are thinking the apartment sounds awful but in Paris the buildings are old (really old) there are not many apartments (other than the new ones) that have lifts or new interiors. If everything works I am happy and saved alot of $$$. Now if you know that you cannot climb several flights of stairs to get in and out of your accomodation look for apartments on the ground floor or buildings with lifts. Just remember that you are not going to spend all day in your accomodation, you want to bathe and sleep.

Food is next...

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