Monday, October 18, 2010

North Italy-the cold.

We are very lucky to have a very generous friend in Italy. Paola is actually the lady who owns the apartment we live in, in Florence. She and her partner Sergio have invited us to stay with them in Albugnano for 2 nights then Paola has taken us to their mountain apartment in Torgnon (Valle d'Aosta). This is a great experience for us because our sons have never seen snow in Australia. Torgnon is very beautiful and it is about 10 degrees celcius during the day and very cold at night. The clouds have stayed very low for our visit and we cannot see much of the view from the apartment. But I can see the ski lift very close by for winter and the cows up on the hill. We have the fire place going now and it feels a bit more cosy.

Yesterday we drove to Mont Blanc and saw the snow on the peaks. The views are gorgeous there and the autumn colours are so beautiful. The mountains are so high and magnificent. We call our hills mountains in Australia, but they just don't compare. We are so privileged to have this experience.

Today we went to Cervinia to see Cervino Mountain, it has a pointy peak. When we first arrived there it was covered in clouds and we could not see any of it. After a hot chocolate and caffe we went out and the clouds had lifted and what a magnificent sight we saw. Unfortunately the cable car stopped on the weekend and will not be open until the start of winter.

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