Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some (non-catholic) religious sights in Florence

I have discovered that you really must go down the streets you cross everyday when you head to the centre of Florence (don't forget your map). I headed towards the centre yesterday for some last photographs before we go back to Australia. Instead of going down the street I normally take for the Duomo, I noticed the Chiesa Russa (Russian Orthodox Church)tiled turrets sticking up above the other buildings in the area we are staying. I have passed this sight 100 times and never walked down the road to have a closer look at the chiesa. Yesterday, I did. I went with my camera in my hand ready to take photo's. You can see the turrets from the main road then as you head down you cannot see it anymore until you come to the street the chiesa is on and then you turn and there it is a beautiful building with colourful tiles and gold leaf. It was closed to the public on Wednesdays of course (many buildings and sights in Florence do this). But I could take photo's of it from outside the 3 metre fence (even if I capture a few cars as well).

Iain thought the chiesa was pretty impressive also. He read the information sheet (or tried too, the English part had been torn off). I try to photograph the information sheets that are posted up around important art and architecture, so even if it is in another language I can have it translated.

After viewing the chiesa, we went further down the street to find modern buildings with graffiti on them (paid for graffiti), it looked a little out of place, but still interesting.

Further down the street we came upon Piazza della Liberta

After almost reaching the centre we found ourselves on the street where the only Jewish synagogue is situated in Florence. It has wonderful domes made of brass that over time has turned a wonderful green colour.

There are many different religious sights in Florence, with talks of a new Muslim Mosque being built (5000 muslims congregated at the Fortezza da Basso recently for collective prayer).

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