Saturday, August 28, 2010

When in Rome…cross the road as fast as you can!

Day 1
We love Rome.
When we first arrived in Termini station we were a little wary of what we had been told and read about gypsies, but after a few hours of not seeing any at all we relaxed a little.
We hopped in a taxi from termini to Campo de Fiori, it took about 10 minutes. From the taxi we saw so many monuments and fountains that we wanted to go back and see straightaway. We were so excited about Rome (Iain and I, boys are a bit over it now).
We went out and found a Spar to buy groceries. We forgot that we didn’t have an oven and bought frozen pizzas… oh well they worked out fine on the cook top.
Crossing the roads here in Rome is scarier than in Florence even on zebra crossings, you walk a couple of steps and then wait for the car to go in front of you, then another couple of steps and the scooter zooms past you, after 3 or 4 vehicles try to run you over thank God you made it to the other side.
Iain and I wandered down the street to the piazza and found an American Pub “the Drunken Ship” it was happy hour so we decided to have a beer and a glass of house wine. Surprisingly the wine was not to bad and I quite enjoyed it (the wine here is a lot stronger in alcohol than at home). We walked about 15 mins from the apartment (we didn’t want to be too far from the boys) to the ruins where the sterilised, fed cats live :-). Then past there to the Monument for Vittorio Emmanuelle and the Palatino ruins beyond that. They all look fantastic at twilight. You can see some of these photo’s under the Rome tab.

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