Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some tours are good every now and then

Rome day 3 - Tour to Pompeii
Day 3 started with a 45 minute walk to the tour office at 630. This was not fun and google maps can be very deceiving. Anyway we made it to the tourbus with 5 minutes to spare.
Our tour guide was Russian who spoke four languages: Russian, English, Italian and Spanish. The tour was done in English, Spanish and Russian. This can be a little annoying especially for the 2nd and 3rd group who hear about many places after we have passed them already. We travelled from Rome near the Termini through the suburbs and into the countryside, then over the boarder into Campania where Naples is the capital city.
Campania is beautiful, they grow a lot of citrus trees and grapes for wine. I think the State of Campania is very like Queensland (except with more water).
When we arrive in Naples we find it to be very old yet scattered with very modern buildings. In the “new” city centre there are many skyscrapers for business. We drive down to the Bay of Naples where the beach is pretty much great big squared off boulders of Limestone. People are lying on top of these with towels very close to the main road. The water is quite nice but there is a lot of rubbish floating in there and the smog from the city ruins the views out to the islands close by. It is a shame really because I was really looking forward to visiting Naples and going to the beach.
We picked up a male tour guide from Naples an elderly man who spoke Italian, Spanish and English. His English was not so good and I switched off for him and concentrated on the views from the bus. He explained that we were passing Mt Vesuvius and that before it erupted and destroyed Pompeii it had only 1 peak now it has 2. Anyway we had the male tour guide until we reached ’new’ Pompeii and had lunch.
Lunch was 3 courses, we enjoyed a 1st course of either pasta with tomato or soup, 2nd course of Pork, potatoes and mixed greens and 3rd course was Rockmelon. All of it was great and very tasty. I was glad not to have pizza.:-)
After our lunch we hopped on the bus a short way to the Pompeii ruins. We got another male tour guide Franco who is 84 years old and fit as a fiddle. Franco said he loves showing people Pompeii and will do it until he cannot do it anymore. He spoke very good English and was very likeable and entertaining. The boys (Levi and Phoenix) loved walking with Franco and hearing his jokes and information about Pompeii.
I definitely recommend a tour to Pompeii through Greenline Tours in Rome just to get to have Franco show you around Pompeii.
The Pompeii ruins were fantastic especially if you are good with a camera. The ruins give you so many opportunities to be creative with your photos. Even I am getting better with the camera and trying different angles. As you will see in the photos from Pompeii as I had the privilege of having the camera all day. Yay!
All in all the tour took from 730 to 2030 and the bus dropped us off near to our apartment.

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