Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bidet...come on you know you want to know what we think!

Well bidets are a normal piece of equipment in all bathrooms in Italy. I stared at the one we have in Florence for a week before deciding to face my fears.
From an environmental point of view a bidet is good, basically you use less toilet paper which means less tree cutting and less dunny paper in the sewer and dumps. So it is a good thing.
The bidet which is basically a little bathtub with a tap (that sprays down like a normal tap). You can even put a plug in it and shave your legs or bathe baby in it (they use them for everything here), they also clean alot here. Anyway after the toilet bit you sit on the bidet and wash like you would when you have a shower with soap and the tap running. I hope that wasn't too graphic.
So have we all got it now? Bidets are good, not scary and everyone should install one now. ROFL. ;-)

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