Sunday, August 8, 2010

30 July - 7 August Florence and Siena

Well i have not been on the blog for a week now. Missed me???
We had a visit by Iain's cousin Mark and his fiancee Rachael for a few days, that was a lot of fun. We enjoyed showing them our Florence.
On Wednesday 4 August, I woke up with an extremely stiff and sore neck, I could not turn my head very well at all. This was bad because we were heading off to Siena for the day. My neck did start to feel better during the day but it got worse on the way back to Florence in the car.
Anyway, Siena was gorgeous, we had the best weather and it was a beautiful city.
Siena was lovely with it's old art and architecture. In Siena each street and district has a different flag, and each district the light fittings are in the districts colours. Each year in August they have a horse race in the Piazza with each district represented. The idea is that the winner is whichever horse crosses the line with or without the rider.
The Cathedrale in Siena is the best church I have seen so far, it has not been destroyed by floods and the artwork is amazing, the colours are still bright and bold. Even the books with illuminations have been preserved, the gold leaf is beautiful.
The views from some of the churches are just amazing, looking out over the wall of the city and into the luscious green of the countryside. Wish we had more time to stop into San Gimignano.
I love seeing all the towns that are surrounded by fortresses like in old stories with kings and queens and motes around the castles. FANTASTICO!
After seeing Siena I spent 3 days at home in the apartment in pain from my neck, my landlady called her doctor and he told me to get some medication and gel from the farmacia. It seems to have worked and I am feeling ALOT better now. I am so glad because we head to Venice in a couple of days.

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