Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 25 July 2010 - Florence

This morning we went for a walk down some streets we haven't been down yet. We were headed towards an English church to find out what time the service was on Sundays.

We came across Basilica della Santissima Annunciata a catholic church, that was open to the public and free. We saw many paintings and candles and some people saying thier prayers and making offerings. It was a beautiful sight.

We went on and found a cafe that we could not resist. We had macchiatos, 2 gelati (boys) and a custard and choc filled cornetto(croissant). Didn't burn too big a hole in the wallet.

Through the streets to the English church we strolled to find it very near the Santa Croce church. It said something on the door about being somewhere else during July. So I sent them an email for more information.

We walked on across the Arno River and found some Aussies on the bridge, we stopped and chatted for a while, discussing how fabulous the weather is. It was nice to talk to some Aussies here.

Again we moved on down the southern side of the Arno towards Ponte Vecchio, over the bridge of jewellery and headed back towards the apartment this time stopping into the camera shop. Iain purchased a great camera for his birthday present and got a great deal too.

We couldn't resist the pizza shop near the train station :) We bought 2 slices of peperoni pizza for the boys and a drink. The slices ended up feeding the 4 of us and the owner invited us to sit at one of the tables (normally you pay to do this). We paid 10euros for all 4 of to have lunch. I ended up picking the peperoni off because it was really hot. The pizza was the best and cheapest we have had so far. We met some more Aussies in the restaurant from Melbourne, they were surprised at how good and cheap the meal was too.

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