Sunday, July 18, 2010

Florence 18July 2010 day 4

Today we took it easy and went for a walk down the street for about 10minutes. We found a park at the end of the street that had an Area Giochi (playground) and a Farfalle(butterfly) exibit in a huge conservatory. We didn’t go in there though, it was a bit expensive (caro).
We stopped at a gelataria on the way back to the apartment and got 2 gelati and 2 canolo (canolo filled with icecream instead of ricotta). Very yummy.
When we got home the boys decided to play football (calcio) in the backyard and Levi kicked the ball over the neighbours fence. Phoenix was devastated. Iain and Levi went downstairs to the neighbour to ask them if they could help ask the other neighbours if they could get the ball back. They were not at home, so our lower neighbours gave Iain a ladder to climb over the fence, he made Levi do it seeings as he was the one to kick it over. Quite eventful.
Now we are relaxing and watching Titanic and drinking caffe.

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bubbachenille said...

It all sounds amazing so far Maleena, Keep exploring like crazy !