Sunday, July 18, 2010

15 July 2010 London-Florence

Alrighty, well the flight was great and the 3 or 4 hours went by very quickly. I mentioned the mountains and views in my past post.
We arrived safely in Italy and went through customs very easily no questions asked.
We had a bit of trouble getting some money out of the atm it didn't work so we had no choice but to go to the exchange and pay to get money out. That was quite crap but what do you do?
We called Paola our landlord and asked her to tell the taxi driver the address of the apartment. That worked well and we arrived at the apartment 15 minutes later. The taxi cost 25 euros.
Paola showed us around the apartment and made us lunch. Then she showed us the way to the local Coop store. She is such a great landlady. Big Thanks to Paola.
Then of course we slept.

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