Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding information and the mistakes people have made:-)

Yesterday, I was looking at train travel in Europe. I have decided that it would be best for us to travel by train (sleeper) to Paris from Florence instead of driving ourselves. The parking in Paris is almost impossible.
I have discovered when you think of the sleeper train as including your accomodation for the night and hopping on the train late at night, going to sleep then waking in your destination, it's great. We also don't have to find entertainment for the kids on the journey. So basically for under $1000 we get 4 return train tickets and 2 nights accomodation between Florence and Paris (not bad). Also includes less stress with navigation.
Now we have less than 4 weeks to go to get on that plane to start our 3 month adventure.
Oopsie, just realised I didn't mention the mistake that someone made on the train from Paris to Venice. This Aussie girl was travelling with other travel guides and they were have wine with dinner in the dining car. The girl did not want to be up all night or get sick so she asked the waiter if there were any preservatives in the wine. The waiter walked away without answering and the girl thought he just didn't understand what she was asking. So when the waiter returned she asked again whilst pointing at the wine bottle " Are there any preservatives?". The waiter replied " No madam, there are no condoms in the bottle." (Lesson: use the word additives not preservatives)


GemmaJoy said...

The drivers in paris are crazy. I watched MC last night and they said the taxis were going slow... every taxi I was in I thought I was going to crash! Not long till your trip now, how exciting

maleena said...

I think we will be using the wonderful metro quite a lot. yes really only 2 weeks.