Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Italy? Why Not?

Many people are probably wondering why Iain and I have decided that we would like to take the kids and spend as much time as possible in Italy.

Well I have always wanted to visit Italy for a holiday and we were planning on going by ourselves (child free) for 4 weeks, until Iain came home from work one day and said " let's just go and move over there if we can."

So we sat down and tried to decide what area would we thought we might want to live in. First we looked at the big city Roma, we decided it would be too busy. Then we looked at Pisa and Livorno, we decided against these two because getting jobs there is less likely to happen then in a bigger city. In the end we decided Firenze (Florence) or the surrounding towns like Prato, Scandicci, Sesto Fiorentino, Pontessieve, Fiesole etc...

Anyway back to why we are doing this "trip", we want to get away and experience a totally different culture, learn a new language and show the kids a new lifestyle. All the teachers I have spoken to have said that the kids will learn so much from this experience.

If we are able to live and work in Italy for 12 months the kids will be enrolled in an Italian school where they will learn italian and keep up their studies. We understand that for the first few months it will be really hard on the boys but after a while they will be speaking Italian like the locals. We on the other hand will find it a bit more difficult to learn Italian and become fluent in it. But practice makes perfect and immersion is the only way to do it.

Our adventure and Life Under the Tuscan Sun begins 11 July 2010.

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