Sunday, November 20, 2011

What do you find when out and about in Europe???

I was flipping through my photo’s from Paris this morning and came across this:


When we were walking around the Sacre Couer (finding a bathroom Confused smile) we came across this Alien mosaic on the side of a building.  I have heard that someone started sticking these up around European cities (not sure if it is one person or many). 

But my question is : Have you photographed one of these mosaics in Europe or other countries around the world?

Please share a link to your photo, I would love to see them. Also if you have information on them please feel free to share that too.

It would be much appreciated if you share a link to my blog as well.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The River Cruise was a success…

Well our 3 travellers absolutely loved the cruise and would recommend it to everyone.

Here are some photos from Rod & Helen of Germany:



Rod really loved the buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries.

Pauline is now back home in Brisbane, getting used to being back to work and “normal” life.

Rod and Helen are now in Georgia (the country).  Georgia has had some kind of war going on with Russia for a while, but Mum says everything seems quite safe there at the moment.

Rod and Helen may be going to Georgia next year to help with Teen Challenge.


Rod and Helen will be back on Sunday with loads more photos to share.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on our 3 travellers…

I just got a call on skype from Helen & Rod.  They boarded the ship last night and are now off on a walking tour of Bernkastel, Germany.

Here is a link to a page on the town


Helen and Pauline went to Moulin Rouge for the dinner show last night while Rod went out for dinner on his own in Paris (he wasn’t interested in Moulin Rouge).  Helen told me that it was fun and the costumes were fantastic. The meal was good, just a normal steak and potatoes type meal but nice.  She thought it was definitely worth it. 

If they contact me again tomorrow I will be able to update you further.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rue Mouffetard is better in Spring after the Summer holidays…

Our 3 travellers have just reported back on the markets…

They said it was quite small and not too many markets the day they went.  They spoke to a lovely local woman who told them that it is like this in the Summer because many locals leave the city for holidays.  She then told them to walk to the gardens (Jardin des Plantes). 

Jardin des Plantes has amazing gardens and a great walkway like the one in Central Park (well that is what it looked like to me ). There is a museum and a fantastic zoo with so many animals from around the world including our very own Kangaroos and Crocodiles.

It is definitely a great place to visit if you are travelling with children.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 3–Rue Moufettard Markets

I am really excited to find out what the 3 travellers thought of this market… wish I had known about them when I was there last year.

It is supposed to be great and have lots of fruit and veg stalls surrounded by normal shops and cafes.  Some reviews by visitors are very good and some by locals are not (it would not be such a novelty to the locals as it is for us).  I guess here in Brisbane, Australia many of us can’t just go for a short walk with our “granny trolleys” and pick up all of our fruit and veg for the day.  Most of our so called fresh fruit & veg come from the local supermarket and well it just doesn’t compare to real fresh fruit & veg.

When we were in Italy last year we purchased a “granny trolley” and walked to the supermarket every 2nd day to get fruit & veg and anything else we felt we needed.  Here at home we need to take the car and well these days we don’t want to waste petrol so we try to buy a weeks worth of food… yet still we end up needing things.  Not only is the food fresher when you pick it up every couple of days but you also get some much needed exercise walking to markets. (maybe I could buy myself a granny trolley here and start walking down to the store??? nah everything would go off by the time I dragged it all back Smile).

I will be adding photo’s as soon as they are sent to me…